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Scotto Out, Moreau In - Dali Van Gogh Transitions to Full-time Female Lead

Today we unfortunately have to announce that we are parting ways with our long time vocalist John Scotto due to ongoing health concerns.

John has had a profound impact since Dali Van Gogh’s return to the stage, fronting the band from 2015 to 2019 and co-fronting the band since then. He’s been a loving brother to us all, and we will miss his energy and charisma on stage. We want to wish him all the best and will certainly keep in touch.

As a thank you to John, we have decided to release our new music video for Crooked Little Whore early. The video concept was spear headed by John so it is only fitting to see him off with it.

On an incredibly positive note, we are pleased to announce that our previous co-lead, Rachelle Moreau, will be taking over as our full-time front woman. Rachelle has been one of our greatest assets since joining the band in 2019, and has constantly impressed not only ourselves, but the media as well as several record labels with her vocal prowess. We are excited to take some big steps with her in the coming months. Look for announcements and some new music soon, but in the mean time please join us in congratulating Rachelle on her new position .


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