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“This is more than mere brand recognition or a comeback of sorts. This is a band that has found it's way home...”


- Brian Lush - Editor - RockWired Magazine

2023 ECMA winner Dali Van Gogh stand as a testament to the raw power and unyielding spirit of hard rock music. Hailing from the vibrant city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, this female-fronted ensemble has carved their path through the industry with a blend of showmanship, originality, and unparalleled musicianship. Their electrifying performances have left audiences in awe across the expanse of Canada, sharing stages with titans of rock such as Buckcherry, The Glorious Sons, and The Headpins.

With four full-length albums, two EPs, and a string of over a dozen singles under their belt, Dali Van Gogh's sonic footprint reverberates worldwide. Their compositions, marked by their distinctive blend of intensity and melody, have garnered widespread radio play, critical acclaim, and coveted award recognition. Their latest EP, "New Blood, Old Wounds," stands as a testament to their artistic evolution, clinching the prestigious 2023 East Coast Music Award for Loud Recording of the Year, and an additional nomination for Rock Recording of the Year. This instant classic bears the sonic fingerprint of renowned producers Eric Ratz and Robert Laidlaw, who boast accolades from the Juno and Grammy Awards.



Rachelle "Rocky" Moreau

Lead Vocalist of Dali Van Gogh.

Beyond their musical prowess, Dali Van Gogh proudly stand as ambassadors for their craft, endorsed by esteemed brands such as SE Electronics, Soultone Cymbals, Hipshot Guitar Products, Los Cabos Drumsticks, and Halo Custom Guitars. This symbiotic relationship underscores their commitment to excellence, both on and off the stage, as they continue to push the boundaries of their artistry.

In a landscape often dominated by conformity, Dali Van Gogh stands as a beacon of authenticity and resilience. Their journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and a testament to the enduring power of rock and roll. With each thunderous riff and impassioned lyric, they reaffirm their rightful place among the pantheon of rock legends, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who bear witness to their electrifying performances.


Group Shot 1.jpg

Dali Van Gogh Current Lineup

Left to Right: Johnny Moore, Lance Hicks, Isaac Kent, Rachelle Moreau

"[Dali Van Gogh] creates a monstrous river of sound that occasionally flows to some unlikely places. Dali Van Gogh continue to make musical legends from Canada's musical heart."

- Bruce EJ Atkinson, Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine, England






Isaac Kent has been the driving force behind Dali Van Gogh for over a decade, and as the founder of group his story is largely that of the band.


Born in 1990, Kent began his musical career as a saxophonist at age 12, and came to guitar late in life at the age of 17 shortly after attending a Guns N Roses concert, Awestruck by the spectacle of the night, Isaac his since aggressively perused not only guitar, but a career as a performing/touring artist.


He joined his first band, a power metal group called Black Rose in the summer of 2007, and helped to form the pop rock trio Eight Days To Saturday that winter.


Wishing to find the balancing point between his metal guitar skills and his pop and country song writing sensibilities. Isaac formed Dali Van Gogh in 2008. He is also the owner of Halifax based record label and recording studio HouseFire Records.

Stage Instruments:

Ibanez Jem 7V

Kramer Assault Custom Mod

Epiphone J-200CE (Acoustic)

Gibson Les Paul BFG

Gibson Les Paul Sutdio



SE-V7 Vocal Mic

D'Addario Strings

Line 6 Helix

Rachelle Moreau - Lead Vocal / Keytar


A graduate of Music Arts program at NSCC, Moreau is no stranger to the stage having performed with various ensembles across the province as both a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. She joined Dali Van Gogh in January of 2019, just as the band were finishing up the recording process for "Under Her Spell". Lending her considerable vocal presence to the already rich harmonies of the band, as well as bringing nearly 2 decades of performing chops on the piano/keyboard, Rachelle was an immediate fit in the touring act.

Rachelle "Rocky" Moreau took over as front-woman for Dali Van Gogh in summer of 2021.




Stage Instruments:

Roland AX-Edge Keytar

Roland FP Digital Piano



SE-V7 Vocal Mic

Klein KTB-1

Boss OC-3 Super Octave

V-Tone GDI 21



Nova Scotian drumming phenom Johnny Moore hails from the small town of Elmsdale, Nova Scotia.

Moore joined the band in late 2018 during production on DVG's new record, Under Her Spell, bringing with him over 10 years of percussive knowledge and song writing sensibility. Johnny is a stage veteran, having performed the breadth of Atlantic Canada with past projects Outlawed Beloved.

Moore is officially endorsed by Los Cabos Drumsticks out of Hanwell, New Brunswick, preferring their 7A series Maple sticks.

Stage Instruments:

Los Cabos 7A Maple Sticks

Soultone Custom Series Cymbals

Mapex Saturn Evolution Workhorse Kit (6 Piece)



SE-V7 Vocal Mic



A multi instrumentalist, Lance pumps the low strings as bassist for Dali Van Gogh, and also lends his voice to the band's ever expanding harmonies.

Born and raised in Halifax, NS, Lance is a recent graduate of the NSCC Music program and is now studying electronics along side his work with the band. With years of stage experience, and a profound love of hard rock and metal, Lance is an excellent new addition to the band.



Stage Instruments:

Jay Turser Custom

Ibanez SR 755


Epiphone Blackbird



SE-V7 Vocal Mic

D'Addario Strings

Tech 21 Sans Amp DI

Kemper Profiler

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