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Dali Van Gogh - Year in Review - 2022

Dali Van Gogh, A Year in review 2022,

As another year ends, it’s time again for us at Dali Van Gogh to look back on the year that was the most successful year for the band thanks in large part to you the Fans. From simple things like being able to get back to full capacity shows with standing room again, to playing a showcase at Nova Scotia Music Week and several other festivals across the province. And then there’s the big news point of the year that we know you’ve head about because frankly, we haven’t really stopped talking about it. In 2022 we were lucky enough to sign our first Record deal with Wormholedeath Records and release our EP “New Blood old Wounds”. Along with a slew of new brands that we started working with 2022 held more than we expected.

Back in May, we announced our signing with Wormholedeath Records, who are based out of Italy, the US, Japan, and Norway. From day one of talking to Carlo (the CEO of Wormhole), we knew that he and his team (looking at you Naty)l not only knew what they were doing, but truly wanted to help us in our career as a band. We couldn’t wait to get started on the plan that Carlo laid out for us.

To begin with, we started the work on our new EP that would be our first release with the label. Luckily we had a great starting point in the singles we had released ourselves in the previous couple years. While “Little Hell” was ready to go thanks in large part to our producer, Eric Rats, “Boneyard” presented an interesting opportunity. The song, having been originally recorded with our former singer John Scotto, would have to be re-tracked to have Rachelle singing lead. After some quick studio magic and an evening of recording we all of a sudden had 2 out of 5 songs for the EP done. “Out for Blood” was an easy addition to the record as it had been in out live sets the year prior and fully matched the energy of the EP. The last two songs on the album came together just as quickly; “Bury the Lead” and “Savanna”. And just like that, we had a finished album ready to be pressed and sent off to the world.

With any finished record, one then needs a spectacular album release show, so we did just that. To a packed crowd and alongside our friends in Bloodprint and NSFW we launched “New Blood, Old Wounds” in the best way we could, with nearly 300 of you in attendance singing along with us. But “New Blood, Old Wounds” didn’t slow down after that night. We then hit the road through the Maritimes playing several local festivals across Nova Scotia including Husfest which was put on by our friends in NSFW, and the seasonal stop for Dali Van Gogh at Riverfest. Our fantastic fans all over the world have kept the momentum going all through the summer and into the fall and winter by checking out the album online on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and anywhere else you get your music fix. We also released a music video for each and every song on the EP, which have collectively amassed nearly 600,000 views. Numbers we could have never imagined we’d reach in such a short time.

During this busy year, we’ve had the pleasure of adding a few new brands to the Dali Van Gogh family. Soultone cymbals have picked up Johnny as an endorsed artist, providing him with some fantastic looking, and more importantly sounding, cymbals for him to wail on. We’ve also started working with One Bone clothing in order to make sure we look as good as we can when we’re onstage. Se Electronics has continued to support us, outfitting the band with a full set of stage microphones. Lastly near the end of the year, Hipshot hardware came on board with us to provide us with some hardware upgrades for Isaac’s and Lance’s instruments to help them stay in tune.

As the year draws to a close and a new year crests over the horizon, we at Dali Van Gogh want to once again thank you for your continued support of what we do. From our fans in Brazil all the way over to Japan, and of course our friends and devoted fans right here at home, you are the ones that make this all possible for us. We look towards next year with renewed excitement. Tours loom on the horizon, both at home and abroad, and we cannot wait to share the next step in our journey with you all. We love and appreciate you all more that we can ever show and we promise to work even harder in 2023.

Thank you and Happy New Year,

Lance, Isaac, Rachelle, Johnny, Zach, and Melissa

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