Dali Van Gogh's 2nd studio album, but first since the band's comeback in 2016, From Ashes features 11 original songs by the band including the hit singles "God Help Me I Like It", "Black Scales", and  "Outside Looking In".

Largely inspired by the the fire that destroyed guitarist Isaac Kent's home and recording studio, From Ashes is a musical journey through disbelief, grief, rage, fear, and hope.


Recorded in the winter of 2016/2017 and released March 25th, 2017, From Ashes lead the band to several award nominations, a top 10 radio chart position in Europe, and 2 Eastern Canadian tours which included festival slots at the Garrison Brewing Back Lot Bash and Music Mountain Rock Fest 2018.





Featuring 12 brand new, original songs by the band, Under Her Spell is a captivating portrait of soulful rock music, with all the bite and grit you'd expect from any group of musicians who grew up during the 90s grunge movement.


Featuring the band's chart topping singles Down At The Hitching Line", an ode running away from home, and "Arms Race", a post-apocalyptic story told in 3 parts, Under Her Spell is inspired by Dali Van Gogh's 2 years on the road following the release of From Ashes, and reflects on band's evolving world view on everything from sex to war to pop culture.





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