Dali Van Gogh's 2nd studio album, From Ashes, features 11 original songs by the band including the hit singles "God Help Me I Like It", "Black Scales", and  "Outside Looking In".

Largely inspired by the the fire that destroyed guitarist Isaac Kent's home and recording studio, From Ashes is a musical journey through disbelief, grief, rage, fear, and hope.


Recorded in the winter of 2016/2017 and released March 25th, 2017, From Ashes lead the band to several award nominations, a top 10 radio chart position in Europe, and 2 Eastern Canadian tours which included festival slots at the Garrison Brewing Back Lot Bash and Music Mountain Rock Fest 2018.







In the winter of 2011/2012 Dali Van Gogh recorded the tracks of what would become Mask Identity and Wild Blue City with the original intention of producing a single album. But in the world of deminished album sales and with strong erging from industry professionals across Nova Scotia, the band split the record in two.


The first, an EP called Mask Identity, received a limited digital release in spring of 2012, and served as a testing ground for the bands new sound and lineup. The record featured the single "Not My Worst", one of the band's most popular radio releases to date, and "The Demon", a re-recorded track from the bands first release with 272 Records out of Hollywood, California some years earlier.


Later that year, Dali Van Gogh released the LP Wild Blue City in Fall of 2012 to praise from critics and fans alike. Receiving wide spread radio play across North America, and charting with the singles "Wild Blue City" and "Understand", the album has been a must own for Atlantic Canadian music fans and was available both online and on CD.


Now fans can own the full album as originally intended. Remastered and released as the definitive Deluxe Edition of the material, the album features all 11 tracks from both the EP and LP, as well as a remaster of "March Of The Penguins" from the bands original Demo release Verbal Warning".






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