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Dali Van Gogh Announce Endorsement Deal with sE Electronics

We are so incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with sE Electronics. Moving forward, Dali Van Gogh will be exclusively using sE Microphone products in all our live performances.

Today we are unboxing the first of our shipments from the brand, the V Pack Arena, sE's premier drum microphone kit consisting of one V KICK for your bass drum, three V BEATs and V CLAMPS for your toms, one V7 X for your snare, and a pair of sE8 condensers for your overheads.

For more details on the kit, individual microphones, or to check out some of sE's other products, visit:, or check back to our channels in the future for our in-depth review and sound comparisons.

For a local distributor, visit:


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