2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the formation of Dali Van Gogh. Throughout the years, with every incarnation, every lineup, one song has consistently stayed with the band and helped to define and mold their ever evolving sound. Heavy Living, first conceived of by guitarist Isaac Kent prior to his founding the band, has gone through many changes over the years, as each new lineup put its own stamp on the piece. We now present for the first time ever, a chronology of the band's sound, through the unique perspective of what some may call their signature song.


Original MIDI File

Written while Isaac was working at Soccer Pro, a sporting goods store in Cole Harbour, NS, Heavy Living's inception was as a low quality MIDI file created in Guitar Pro 4.


Isaac Kent, Guitar Pro 4


3rd Rehearsal Take

The very first recording of the complete musical score, with incomplete lyrics and melody, sung by the band's first vocalist Sean Bray. At the time the band had not yet finalized a name.


Isaac Kent, Sean Bray, Megan MacKenzie, Lee Dauphinee, Nason Scribner


White Noise Release

Recorded in spring of 2009, the first demos of what would become Dali Van Gogh were released on Myspace. This was the first recording to feature the current lyrics.


Isaac Kent, Sean Bray, Megan MacKenzie, Nason Scribner


Unknown Auditioner

Following Sean Bray's exit from the band, auditions were held to find a replacement vocalist. This demo, sent by an unknown vocalist, was one of the first the band received.


Isaac Kent, Megan MacKenzie, Nason Scribner, Unknown Auditioner


Verbal Warning Release

Marcel McNeil joined Dali Van Gogh in the spring of 2010, at which time the band set about to record a 10 song demo disk. Verbal Warning was release later that year.


Isaac Kent, Megan MacKenzie, Nason Scribner, Marcel McNeil


Wild Blue City Release

After signing a deal with AR Select in California, Heavy Living was re-recorded for a fully produced LP featuring songs from Verbal Warning as well as new material, including the hit single Wild Blue City.


Isaac Kent, Sean Sawler, Scott Turnbull, Marcell McNeil


Live & Acoustic

Recorded during rehearsal sessions for the band's Canada Day acoustic performance on the Eastern Passage Waterfront, this is the only acoustic recording of Heavy Living.


Isaac Kent, Sean Sawler, Scott Turnbull, Marcell McNeil


Wallie Leigh Audition

Following the band's parting ways with Marcel McNeil, and prior to their two year hiatus, DVG auditioned new vocalists in hopes of maintaining the momentum they had gained from the release of Wild Blue City.


Isaac Kent, Sean Sawler, Scott Turnbull, Wallie Leigh


The Unchained Version

In the early years of Isaac's side project, The Unchained, vocalist Ethan Anderson demoed his own, darker rendition of the song in 2014. It was never completed due to the 2015 house fire that inspired From Ashes.


Isaac Kent, Sean Sawler, Scott Turnbull, Ethan Anderson


Live at the Marquee

Following the reformation of the band and a full year of touring Eastern Canada, Dali Van Gogh performed a hits laden set at Halifax's historic Marquee Ballroom as part of Rock for Metal Health.


Isaac Kent, Cyrus R.O., Jaad Stewart, Devon Roberts, John Scotto



In early 2019, vocalist/keyboardist Rachelle Moreau joined Dali Van Gogh deep into the recording process for Under Her Spell. With years of performance, as well as vocal coaching experience, and a keen ear for harmonies, Rachelle brought the album to new heights, leading to lead vocalist John Scotto's rewriting of the ballad, Long Way From Heaven, into a duet.


Wishing to featuring Rachelle more prominently, but with no more room on the album, the band chose to re-record their first ever single. Rachelle sings lead vocals on this 10th anniversary special edition of Heavy Living, available exclusively to stream on dalivangoghmusic.com.

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