A high energy ode to our times, "Boneyard" is produced by Juno Nominated song-writer, Platinum Blonde and Honeymoon Suite bassist Rob Laidlaw. This single, and subsequent releases in the coming months, tie into "The Testimony", an electronic Novel released in parts every Friday for the foreseeable future.  Read it here. Welcome to the Boneyard baby!

Here's what people are saying about the new single:

"'Boneyard' is a hook laden new rock energy, can't wait to hear it on the radio. I've had the opportunity to work with some of Canada's best enduring bands and this outfit is perched to make a major impact on the Universal Rock scene.” - Rob Laidlaw - Juno Nominated Songwriter and Bassist for   Platinum Blonde & Honeymoon Suite.

"Ferociously structured track... there isn't any mediocrity within the sound of Dali Van Gogh." - Buzz Music LA, in association with Capitol Records

"Badass, kickass and just out awesome new single!" - Emily Passey - Pure Rock

"Rock so hard it's concrete..." - Morgan Mullin - The Coast Print and Digital News

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