A high energy ode to our times, "Boneyard" is produced by Juno Nominated song-writer, Platinum Blonde and Honeymoon Suite bassist Rob Laidlaw and is the lead single from Dali Van Gogh's concept release; "The Testimony", an electronic Novella. Read it exclusively here. Welcome to the Boneyard baby!

Here's what the world is saying about the new single:

"'Boneyard' is a hook laden new rock energy, can't wait to hear it on the radio. I've had the opportunity to work with some of Canada's best enduring bands and this outfit is perched to make a major impact on the Universal Rock scene.” - Rob Laidlaw, Juno Nominated Songwriter and Bassist for   Platinum Blonde & Honeymoon Suite., Canada

"One the most infectious, gritty, and surprising tracks you've heard in quite a while. We promise." - Byron Booker, The Recording Artists Guild, USA

"Ferociously structured track... there isn't any mediocrity within the sound of Dali Van Gogh." - Buzz Music LA, in association with Capitol Records, USA

“A massive, raw and epic rock powerhouse - huge riffs roar, guitars crunch over meaty bass-lines and rampaging rhythms - [Boneyard] is a powerhouse anthem of raw passion.” - Barry Gruff, (Blog), Ireland

“Solid and organic... I like the attitude in your solid performance .. this is a great hard rock track, lots of punch and energy...” - Trond Klas Betten, HQ Indie, a division of Appolon Records, Norway

“This got us headbanging for three minutes. Love the choral effect! The lead vox is so powerful. It perfectly complements the abrasive music beneath it. Woah!” - Sam Corazza,, Philippines

"The stellar rich energy of the track's relentless guitars and percussion coupled with the gripping impact of the vocals deliver a really engaging and enjoyable piece overall." - Chris Caulder, UnderRated Music Blog, USA

“Super dynamic song with irresistible vibes and badass energy flow... an old fashioned hard rock song.” - Nettie Cobalt, Metalhead Community Magazine, South Africa

"The energetic drive and the guitar works are great, especially the solo after 2:45. the choir is excellent and gives the song a stadium him style. the raw vocals fit perfectly to the sound and the drums are incredible" - Dennis Weitzel, FBP Music Group, USA

"Reminds me of Guns N' Roses, but with a more modern sleaze rock vibe." - Mark Dolan, Starstorm Digital, UK

“Big sounds all over this, amazing energy. Powerhouse of a drummer too.” - Anthony Adams, When The Horn Blows, UK

"Blown away by the very edgy and dynamic vocals which perfectly matches with the very powerful, soaring, rocking guitar and drums." -  Music Lover, Spotify Playlist Curator, USA

"Amazing energy in the beats and real grit in the grunge of the vocals. The ambience is dark and sinister with a loads of angst." - Common Sense, Youtube Channel, USA

"Hard hitting and wild energy, channels some big metal and hard rock classics of the genre." - Will Oliver, We All Want Someone To Shout For (Blog), USA

"Badass, kickass and just out awesome new single!" - Emily Passey, Pure Rock, UK.

"Nice energy! All instrument sound engaging and rich, song is well executed and produced." - Now & Then Music, Spotify Playlist Curator, Peru

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