Dali Van Gogh Partners with CAF's Soldier On in Charity Drive

Halifax's Dali Van Gogh are pleased to announce a partnership with Soldier On, a program supporting both serving and former Canadian Armed Forces members with mental and/or physical injuries.


Halifax based rock band Dali Van Gogh have signed a new partnership with Soldier On, a Canadian Armed Forces program that provides opportunities and support for members of the Canadian Military with mental illness or physical injuries as a result of their service, helping them to recover and rehabilitate through the transformative power of sport. The band is embarking on a 6-month fund-raising campaign, raising money, awareness, and donating a portion of album sales to the program.

“We couldn't be more excited,” said guitarist Isaac Kent on the partnership. “We've been performing at CFB Stadacona regularly for over a year. We've gotten close to a number of active service members on base and have wanted to do something like this for some time. On our new record [Under Her Spell], we have a song called 'Long Way From Heaven' that is an ode to wounded soldiers,” says Kent. “Even before we'd released the album we knew the song gave us a unique opportunity to give back.”

"When I was working on Long way from Heaven, I gave a lot of thought to a lot of the trauma people have experienced who I know personally,” says John Scotto, vocalist for the band and the writer for this particular song. “Often we only think on the initial event that caused the trauma, forgetting that trauma is like a stone dropped into water. The ripples and effects are wider and more far reaching than one can realize or see. I wanted to reflect a little of that in this song.

"Working with a group like Soldier On and supporting a cause like this with Long Way to Heaven means a lot to me,” Scotto continued. “In the end I'm hoping that we can do our part to ease the stigma, maybe encourage some people to open up and talk about what they are going through or what their loved ones are going through. Problems have a way of getting bigger and bigger if they aren't dealt with and soon the pile becomes too big for one person to deal with on their own.”

Dali Van Gogh have pledged a portion of sales from the song, as well as the album as a whole, to the charity, and are hoping to put together a special tour based around the single.

“We're calling it the 'Long Way From Heaven' Tour,” says Kent. “The pieces are still coming together, but the intention is to eventually play every military base in the Canada.”

For now the band is seeking sponsors to help offset the expenses associated with taking their high energy rock show on the road.

“Touring is expensive in and of itself, let alone a charity tour.” says Kent. “Sponsors will help make taking our show to the troops across our very large country possible, and will allow us to donate as much as we can to Soldier On.”

The band has the first of several planned fund-raising shows on August 3rd a Doolittle's Sports Bar in Dartmouth.

Sponsorship packages and details can be found at www.dalivangoghmusic.com/sponsorship. The band also has a fund-raising show coming up on August 3rd at Doolittle's Sports Bar & Grill in Dartmouth.

For more details about Soldier On, visit www.soldieron.ca. To check out Long Way From Heaven, their new album Under Her Spell, or the rest of Dali Van Gogh's activities visit www.dalivangoghmusic.com.

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