Dali Van Gogh featured on Rockwired.com

DALI VAN GOGH is a band that has gone through numerous changes in the seven years that I have know you guys and now you have a fantastic new album UNDER HER SPELL. How do you guys feel about the pending release?

ISAAC: I'm pretty proud of the album overall. People haven't really seen it because we've been trying to keep things under wraps until the release. You've been following us long enough to know the history of the band. We're on line up number four now. Despite all of the changes it just keeps going. People come on board and people leave. People have lives and things like that. You've got people who are getting married and people who just plain move on. For this record, it took a lot to actually make it happen. We changed where we were jamming and we moved around and had the album recorded at two different locations. At one point, SCOTTO got a chest infection for about six weeks. That put us way behind. And then, really late into the process, we brought in ROCHELLE who added all of the finishing touches and all of the little things that were missing from the album. She really brought a whole new dimension to the album and the music. We're very proud of the album. For the full article, click here.

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