Dali Van Gogh Release New Single and Music Video: East Coast Witches

Haligonian hard rockers Dali Van Gogh have dropped their latest single, “East Coast Witches”, with a fiery new music video directed by Andrew Hartlen.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hot off a sold out, Q104 presented release show at Garrison Brewing, Dali Van Gogh have released the latest single from their new album, Under Her Spell; East Coast witches is a tongue in cheek satire of Atlantic Canada's club culture, fuelled by a Hendrix inspired, talk-box driven guitar riff by Isaac Kent. “We debuted the song at the Marquee Ballroom over a year ago [Oct 7th, 2017],” Says Kent, “and since then it has been a fan favourite in our set. It's always a blast to watch everyone sing and dance along to the tune, and we're so excited to get to work with Andrew [Hartlen] to create the video!” The single is being launched in a new music video, written and produced by Andrew Hartlen. Hartlen shot to prominence among the music industry in Halifax after producing a recap video for Garrison Brewing's Backlot Bash last year, set to music by the Motorleague. Featuring a “hater” of the band (played by Tyler Kent, brother to Isaac and vocalist for local grunge tribute act Love Hate Love) being burned at the steak by three Dali Van Gogh fans (the East Coast Witches), the video presents as a somewhat campy allegory of today's witch hunt culture on social media.

“I'm extremely happy to work with Dali Van Gogh on my first proper music video,” said Harlen. “They did all the leg work as far as arranging locations and actors so I just had to come in and do my thing. The entire video was sort of conceived around one shot, the burning scene. I think the end result turned out pretty great.” Andrew has now signed on to be the band's full time videographer and photographer, and will follow the band on the road this summer.

You can check out the video at https://www.facebook.com/dalivangogh/videos/274955100080461/

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