Dali Van Gogh Win Artist Of The Month Competition on Rockwired.com

MARCH 30 2019 - You voted, the polls have closed and the winner of the 94th ROCKWIRED ARTIST OF THE MONTH title is DALI VAN GOGH on the strength of their new album UNDER HER SPELL.

In all the years that we've known DALI VAN GOGH, we could always rely on the Nova Scotia-based band to deliver a rocking good time with every successive release, but with their latest album UNDER HER SPELL, they really mean it... Now with their new release UNDER HER SPELL, DALI VAN GOGH issue the very blistering hard rock that they have made their unmistakable trademark, but this time around, the band is more interested in serving up a good time with such tracks as the single, GET AWAY, SUPERMAN AND MacGYVER and EAST COAST WITCHES. Click here for the full article.

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