Album Release Party - Live Show Review by The East

On March 29th at Garrison Brewery, Halifax Rockers Dali Van Gogh (not to be confused with either Salvador or Vincent) have returned with their fifth album, “Under Her Spell.”

This new album has also brought along with it a new addition to the band. Rachelle Moreau premiered tonight as keyboardist and background vocalist which definitely added a strong female power to the live act. Their energetic stage presence was effortlessly transferred to the audience as Scotto ran into the crowd singing and encouraging everyone to dance. We even got to witness a 4 year old enjoying her first rock concert who just so happens to be their number one fan of course. (Sarah Hellingwerf) Dali Van Gogh: You can see even more photos by supporting The East's Patreon. Remember, every dollar you contribute goes back to supporting Atlantic Canada's arts and culture scene (or keeping a 2002 Honda Civic on the road, both are much appreciated).

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