Dali Van Gogh Single Breaks Into Top 20 On European Charts

Dali Van Gogh's new single God Help Me I Like It makes it's debut in Europe at #19 on the Official European Independent Music Charts.


Haligonian rockers Dali Van Gogh have been hard at work these past few months in pre-production on their new album, while also juggling a busy appearance schedule that has included shows at Atlantic Canadian universities, a showcase at Music Nova Scotia Week, as well as numerous interviews with radio stations and magazines throughout North America. Meanwhile, the band's first single in several years, God Help Me I Like It, has been gaining considerable traction overseas. The song made it's debut this week on the Official European Independent Music Charts (All Genres) at #19.

God Help Me I Like It, which was released through HouseFire Records, made it's North American debut on September 23rd, but wasn't released in Europe until the first week of November. The single is being distributed and marketed to over 25000 radio stations around the world over the next few months in a staggered release schedule.

“It's fantastic to see it charting so quickly,” said Isaac Kent, founder of Dali Van Gogh, “and we are only at the very beginning of our marketing plan. So I hope to see it climb that chart, and hopefully appear on many more top 20s around the world. After that who knows, maybe we'll look at touring Europe if things continue the way they are.”

The band also released a lyric video for the song that received over 15000 plays in it's first 2 weeks.

“We knew we had a great song from the first time we jammed it as a group,” said vocalist John Scotto who also wrote the lyrics for the single, “but to see God Help Me (I Like It) doing so well so quickly is amazing. We are all incredibly proud.”

Top InDeCouvertes, as the chart is called at home in France, polls commercial radio stations across greater Europe, tracking music released by independent record labels and in some cases by artists themselves. The chart is released weekly, and the top 20 songs are played on over 800 major radio stations across Europe, Canada, and The United States. Currently topping the chart is Los Angelos EDM sensation Lexxica's Hearts Collide.

This isn't the only single by Dali Van Gogh to be receiving significant attention. The band recently released a very controversial music video for their song Black Scales, attacking then candidate Donald Trump. The video, which received almost 20000 plays in the week leading up to the election, paints a dark yet eerily accurate depiction of his elected presidency to date. The video opens with scenes of rioting and rebellion, very similar to the protests that began in many major cities across the US following his election. Hopefully, for all our sakes, the rest of their predictions proves to be an exaggeration, as the video slowly devolves into greater chaos, war, and eventually nuclear annihilation. Check out the video on the band's website: www.dalivangoghmusic.com.

HouseFire Records is a Record Label, Recording Studio, Management/Consultant Firm, and Marketing Apparatus based out of Halifax, NS. The Company works with acts from around the world including Dali Van Gogh (Canada), Recreator (Australia), and Seraphic Eyes (Italy), and is actively seeking new talent. For more information, to schedule studio time, or to inquire about working with HouseFire Records as a signed artist, visit www.housefirerecords.com.

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