GOD HELP ME I LIKE IT: Dali Van Gogh Explodes Back On To The Airwaves

Canadian hard rock band Dali Van Gogh release new single God Help Me I Like It to 25000 radio stations worldwide.


It's been a long road back for Canadian hard rockers Dali Van Gogh, but a cancelled tour, new lineup, and a house fire have only pushed the band to to new heights.

At the end of 2013, Dali Van Gogh seemed set for stardom. With extensive radio air play across North America, and a devout fan base at home, the band was poised for a substantial tour up and down the eastern seaboard, one they hoped would open doors to playing the greater United States. Sadly due to differences with their then lead vocalist Marcel McNeil, those plans fell through. No nearly 3 years later, the band is returning with a new lineup, and a revamped sound.

“No doubt it was a set back,” said guitarist and band leader Isaac Kent, “one that nearly ended the band. We spent months looking for a replacement [vocalist], and eventually settled on taking a break until the right person came along. I never imagined it would take 3 years though.”

Fronting the band these days is John Scotto, a name new to the music scene but certainly not to performing. “Scotto”, as the band calls him, studied musical theatre in PEI before moving to Halifax in 2003 to pursue a career in the arts. He joined DVG (Dali Van Gogh) earlier this year and immediately fit in with the with the group of young musicians. “I feel like the luckiest guy alive,” said Scotto on joining the band. “Our chemistry is second to none. I've never seen a group of people who work so well together. It really feels like we can do some really big things.”

John Scotto wrote the lyrics to God Help Me I Like It a month before the music came together, which was written largely DVG's drummer Jaad Stewart. “Jaad comes from a prog rock and metal background, but loves anything with a good groove,” said Kent. “He sent me this, I don't know, 8 minute demo with at least 7 or 8 different parts. I kind of picked it apart and stripped it down into what it is today. I came up with the basic chord progression for the guitar solo, and then Devon [Roberts] wrote this lick on the piano that just made the whole thing open up in a big way. We had the whole song down in about a half hour, and recorded it within a couple of weeks.”

“When I heard that riff the first time I knew the lyrics would fit together like a glove,” said vocalist John Scotto on the first time the band played the music for him. “It was almost like a puzzle coming together in a remarkably quick time.” “We never planned to even have this tune,” laughed Jaad Stewart on releasing the single. “We had another song ready to go. But God Help Me came together so fluidly and naturally... it just grew on us so quickly that it ended up as the obvious choice for lead single.”

God Help Me I Like It, released with a lyric video that received 5000 plays in it's first week, is now on it's way to 25000 radio stations around the world in a marketing campaign through HouseFire Records. The Halifax based record label recently expanded it's radio marketing division, bringing on new staff to handle the increased workload.

Closer to home, the single debuted on Q104 over the weekend with Tom Bedell's Route 104, and is in rotation on StagePass Radio. The band will be on air with Ethan Anderson and Drag The Waters this Saturday night from 8pm to 10pm on 88.1 CKDU to officially launch the single, and talk about their comeback show on Friday October 7th at Montes Showbar in Dartmouth.

You can check out Dali Van Gogh's new single at www.dalivangoghmusic.com or watch the lyric video on www.facebook.com/dalivangogh.

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