New Bassist Join's Dali Van Gogh

Well as happens, especially in the arts community, life gets in the way sometimes. Unfortunately Callum McLeod has had to step away from the Dali Van Gogh due to some new opportunities in his personal life.. However DVG are now very excited to welcome Cyrus Tearlach Robertson Orkish into the band on bass!

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Cyrus began performing at an early age when John Campbelljohn invited a 5 year old Cyrus on stage to play the tambourine. He hasn't stopped performing since. At the age of 7 Cyrus began playing the piano. Shortly there after he began playing saxaphone. However, it was not until the age of 13 that he picked up the guitar, and soon after, the bass.

Cyrus has been involved with numerous projects over the years prior to joining Dali Van Gogh. Most notably he has been a founding member and guitarist of Keith Doom and the Wrecking Crew, and a performer at the Grafton Street Dinner Theater. Cyrus also boasts his own solo material which he continuously writes and performs in-between gigs with bands.

With Cyrus joining the band, Dali Van Gogh are now back to work on the new album. A firm release date as not been set for the new record, however new music from the band is expected this fall.

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