Introducing The New Dali Van Gogh

Dali Van Gogh is pleased to announce it's new lineup featuring John Scotto as Lead Vocalist, Callum McLeod on Bass, Devon Roberts on Keyboards, Jaad Stewart on Drums, and of course Isaac Kent on Guitar.


After several years of vocalist auditions, revolving band members, a house fire, and just about anything else you can think of being thrown at a group of young musicians trying to make it in the music industry, Haligonian hard rock band Dali Van Gogh are finally back in fighting shape. With a new line up that features John Scotto on lead vocals, Callum McLeod on Bass, Devon Roberts on Keyboard, Jaad Stewart on drums, and of course band founder Isaac Kent on guitar, the band is now in pre- production on a new record that will be released this fall.

Founded by Kent in 2008, the band saw it's greatest success to date with the release of their 2nd LP, Wild Blue City in 2012. The album's title track received wide spread radio play across the United States, becoming particularly popular on college and university campuses. With plans to tour through the New England states being cancelled when vocalist Marcel McNeil left the band in late 2013, DVG has been on hiatus for the past 2 years while looking for the right vocalist to front the band. Over time, the previous band members slowly became involved in other projects, leaving Kent to put together a completely new lineup in the wake of a house fire that destroyed his home.

“It was certainly a wake up call”, said Kent on the fire. “I'd been dabbling in several other projects for a few years since [Dali Van Gogh] had taken a break, as well as spent a lot of time developing my record label (HouseFire Records). Then to basically have literally everything I owned taken away from me in the space of a few minutes. It change's your perspective. For months I was just grateful to have lived through the ordeal, but as time goes on you start to think about how you're going to put your life back together. One of the biggest things on my mind was getting more original music out there again. I considered solo projects, new bands and sounds, but in the end I always come back to what I was doing with DVG. So it just came together naturally from there.”

The band's new lineup features member of Division of Self and Musical Affair, who joined the project in the fall of last year, as well as vocalist John Scotto who was one of the band's finalists in a string of auditions the band had from March through May of 2016.

John Scotto was born in 1981 on Prince Edward Island. As an aspiring vocalist and singer/songwriter, John studied musical theatre for several years before moving to Nova Scotia to further pursue a career in music. “Joining Dali Van Gogh, to me at least, is kind of like hitting the lottery,” said Scotto on joining the already established band. “I've been looking for the right band for years, and to have this one just dropped on my lap, it's a dream come true.”

“I'd known [John] Scotto for several years from various open mics around the city,” explains keyboardist Devon Roberts, who brought the vocalist in for the audition. “He only occurred to me for Dali when I ran into him down town one night. We ended up in a karaoke bar, and it became pretty clear he fit the bill for what we were looking for.”

Born in 1990, Devon is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who began playing music at the age of 12. He joined with DVG on keyboards after several years working on his own project, The Sound Of Silence, as well the band Division of Self with now Dali Van Gogh bassist Callum McLeod. “Callum is part of the glue that holds the band together,” said Kent on his much lower frequency counterpart. “Not only on the stage but off of it as well. He's a clown at all the best times in all the

best ways, and has been a large part of getting the band back on it's feet again.” Callum was born in 1990 and, like his band mate in the former Division Of Self, is a multi-instrumentalist. He spends the majority of his time in DVG as a bassist. His preferred choice for the job? Any Ibanez 5 string bass with active pickups.

Also new to the band is Jaad Stewart, the drummer and lead vocalist for Halifax based hardcore punk band Musical Affair. Born in 1990, Jaad studied Recording Arts at the Centre For Arts and Technology, and played with several different bands before joining the ranks of Dali Van Gogh. Jaad is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard.

“Do you see the pattern yet?” laughed Isaac Kent, the founder of the band and mind behind it's unique hard rock sound. “This time around I didn't want just arbitrary band members who could play the one role in the band. I've brought on people with extensive musical backgrounds. Yes Jaad is our drummer, Callum our bassist, and Devon our keyboardist, but each of them brings much more than that to the songwriting table. Each of them bring years of experience in the music industry as a business, which has taken a major load off my shoulders.”

Born in 1990, Isaac began his musical career as a saxophonist at the age of 12, and came to guitar late in life at the age of 17. Isaac's early projects spanned the spectrum of sound from the black metal band Black Rose to the alternative pop band Eight Days To Saturday. Wishing to find the balancing point between his metal guitar skills and his pop and country song writing sensibilities. Isaac formed Dali Van Gogh in 2008.

Now many years later, the band has gone through several lineup changes since it's inception, not uncommon for a band establishing itself in the greater music industry. “It's actually very interesting to go back and listen to our old recordings, both those released and those not,” explained Kent. “Each of our records has different personnel, different people involved with the songwriting and recording. You can actually hear the evolution of the band.

“With this newest lineup, we've never had more material to work with. In total we have over 50 songs at various stages of development, probably 30 of which will make it to the recording floor. From there who knows what will happen, but you'll be getting at least one new album out of us.”

Dali Van Gogh is a guitar driven Hard Rock band out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band has released 3 records, and have received world wide radio play with singles Wild Blue City (2012), Not My Worst (2012) and Heavy Living (2010). The band is a 5 piece featuring Isaac Kent on Guitar, Jaad Stewart on Drums, Devon Roberts on Keys, Callum McLeod on Bass, and John Scotto on Vocals.

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