Guitarist Isaac Kent's Record Label (Dali Van Gogh Music) Re-Branding as HouseFire Records, Buil

Guitarist Isaac Kent has announced the re-brand of his Nova Scotia based record label (Dali Van Gogh Music) as HouseFire Records. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hot on the heals of the announcement of rock band Dali Van Gogh's planned return to the stage, guitarist and DVGM owner Isaac Kent announces that he is re-branding his music company as HouseFire Records. “It's mostly to avoid confusion,” explained Kent. “The company Dali Van Gogh Music began as a legal entity to protect [Dali Van Gogh's] interests. I expanded it to work with other artists while the band was on hiatus. I owned the name, and the brand recognition was huge, so I rolled with it. But now the band is working on the new record, and we'll likely be gigging and touring again before the end of the year. The time has come to separate the names.” From a logistical standpoint, Dali Van Gogh Music will continue to exist as the legal and business backing for the band and will be an owned subsidiary of Kent Enterprises, Isaac's umbrella company. HouseFire Records will take over record label operations, event promotion, publicity, artist development, and studio operations. “It's all a bunch of legal jargon and nonsense, but basically the recording business and the like will be a separate entity from Dali Van Gogh, and all artists currently signed to DVGM will transfer over to HouseFire [Records]. Its the same business, just with a new name, potentially a couple of new staff, and a brand new recording studio!” HouseFire Studio 1 is currently under construction in Eastern Passage. The studio will be a state of the art recording facility, featuring more than 600 square feet of recording space, with a large vaulted ceiling live room, 2 isolation booths, a mixing/mastering chamber, and all of the best recording software, plugins, and hardware you could want. Housefire records began in 2014 as Dali Van Gogh Music, and has since signed many artists both local to Nova Scotia and from around the world including Seraphic Eyes, Tri City Villains, and Revenge Killed Mary Jane. The company runs record label operations, a recording/mixing/mastering, artist development, radio distribution, web development, consulting, and more. For more information on the operations of the company, please visit

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