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Best Beach Cities In Mexico To Live

Palm Trees, Tiki huts and White Sand on Fort Myers Beach #4 Fort Myers Beach. Population 7,000. Fort Myers Beach is a short distance from the major city that it gets his name from, but there’s a world of difference between the two. Fort Byers Beach has across-the-board high quality of life ratings. It’s one of safest places to live the US.

It's also been ranked as the second-best city for quality of life, and one of the top 100 cities to retire. It's safe to say that if Boulder is so great to live in, it must be pretty spectacular to visit and might even inspire a future move for you. 2. Omaha, Nebraska . Highlighted rankings: Prosperity (1), Nightlife (1) Why we love it: Resonance’s second best midsize city, Omaha, sits on the Missouri River at the eastern edge of Nebraska, facing Iowa, and it’s capitalizing on its riverfront location with huge investments. Some $300 million is being poured into redevelopment here, with a further $500 million helping to connect the.

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