Despondent from the opening chords, and explosive to the final vocal licks, Dali Van Gogh delivers again with their new single "Little Hell".

Here's what the world is saying about the new single:

"Electricity surges from the moment “Little Hell” first hits your ear with Isaac Kent’s liberating guitar expertise. Thunderous drum-work and a deceptively catchy bass-line [help] to render the backbone of this fiery track with the searing vocals of newly promoted front-woman Rachelle Moreau rounding out this blessing to the rock gods."- Eric Alper, Serious XM Radio Host and former Director of Media Relations at eOne Music, Canada

"The solo is almost unreal and the whole production is clean; guitarist Isaac Kent really gives us something to be scared of! Heavy and pungent rock, perfect vocal plying and an atmosphere reminiscent of bands like Garbage. "- Julien Vachon, Direct Actu, France

"Great sounding song with a 90s nostalgic vibe. Heavy Alice in Chains influences especially on vocals, powerful drive, and tons of energy."- Burak Gundogdu, Founder and CEO, Metalhead Community Magazine, USA

"Very dynamic and powerful rocking electric guitar and punchy drums along side a catchy and very fierce vocal track."- Music Lover, Spotify Playlist Curator, USA

"You can totally hear Alice In Chains influence in this! I love that style, and it really shines through in the vocal approach here. Really cool bends in the vocal line as well as the instruments. The chorus section in the song brings everything together and the mix is really solid. A+."- Jay Huntley, Writer/Reviewer, RMP Magazine, USA

"The brooding energy of the music—and the equally ominous visuals—are perfectly suited to an October release."- Run Hundred, Blog, USA

"AWESOME energy in this track! I really appreciate the solid and hard guitar sounds! 🤘 - would love to support it..."- Unique Playlists, Spotify Playlist Curator, Switzerland

"Energetic rock sound that builds against a strong vocal performance from Rachelle Moreau]."- Michale Sumison, Vinyl Chapters, Blog, USA

"Big, chugging, heavy 90s and garage rock elements with some bite and a classicc rock kick. It hits hard!"- Will Oliver, Writer, We All Want Somehing To Shout For, Blog, USA

"...intense sound, cool guitar solo and nice style."- Chavo, Playlist Curator, 33 Twitch Network

"The heavy soundscape and the vocals fit great together and the guitars bring a good energy, especially the solo after 3:20. the song-arrangement and the sound production are impeccable."- Dennis F.M.G., Accuisitions, FBP Publishing, United Kingdom

"Outstanding rock sound, with strong vocals and a great melody. I think this song should pick up a lot of traction."- Aflitude, Blog, United Kingdom

"Strong musicianship and vocals."- Robb Donker Curtius, American Pancake, Blog, USA

"Kick-ass hard rock track. Heavy, raw and has a cool retro feel. Badass voice and vocals too."- Catch Twenty-Two, Spotify Playlist Curator

"Amazing guitars! Professional and polished production."- Cheers to the Vikings, Blog, USA

"This is an intense piece of music with powerful vocals and a great grunge rock sound."- Common Sense Music, Youtube Channel, USA

"Powerful track."- Girl At The Rock Show, Blog, USA

"Nice guitar work and vocals. Good, dense alt-rock!"- Grotesqualizer, Blog, USA

"...extremely energetic, catchy, and rebellious."- Dmytro Yaremchuk, Spotify Playlist Curator,. Ukraine

"Great sounding track! Loved the energy. Great vocals, melodic riffs, awesome chorus! Tasty solo as well!"- Doğukan Öztürk, Spotify Playlist Curator,. Turley

"Awesome vocals and killer guitar work, with that that cool, almost Alice in Chains feel."- Dylan Koski, Spotify Playlist Curator,. USA


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