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A lone survivor, a mysterious stranger from times past, and a world full of dark secrets; The Testimony is the accounts of those who have come in contact with The Preacher, an enigmatic figure who's very presence alters the world around him. But who are the authors, and what happened to the world they live in? Read the novel along side Dali Van Gogh's song releases over the coming months to discover the truth. Missing pages will be added every Friday, with song releases every few months. Welcome to the Boneyard baby!



Music Video: Dali Van Gogh Get the Party Started with ‘Have It All’ - Video review by The East

Nova Scotia rockers Dali Van Gogh have premiered their latest music video, “Have It All,” off of their recent album Under Her Spell. Featuring footage from one of their live shows at Garrison Brewing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the result is an atmosphere built for rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts just looking to have a good, carefree time. The audio begins with a groovy drumbeat before the rest of the band joins in for a gritty, funk-esque jam that spontaneously slaps sunglasses on everyone within earshot. Listening to the track without confidently strutting down the street would be a herculean task. For the full review, click here.

Under Her Spell - Album Review by Divide and Conquer

Dali Van Gogh is a hard rock band out of Halifax, Nova Scotia that recently released Under Her Spell. The songs are really ones that for the most part sound best turned up real loud or live. They have an old school energy to my ears. The band busts out of the gates with “Get Away” which has a mix of attitude and a sliver of rock opera. I think it was the organ that had me thinking rock opera. Either way the band rocks. They are multiple vocalists on this track trading measures and sometimes combining efforts. Click here to read the full review.

Isaac Kent and Rachelle Moreau Interview with The Wolf's Den

Isaac and Rachelle stop by The Wolf's Den on 97.5 Sackville for an interview with Wayne Schnare. They talk about the new album (Under Her Spell), the NSCC Music Program, and what makes a great musician. Check out the full segment in podcast form below.

Dali Van Gogh featured on

DALI VAN GOGH is a band that has gone through numerous changes in the seven years that I have know you guys and now you have a fantastic new album UNDER HER SPELL. How do you guys feel about the pending release? ISAAC: I'm pretty proud of the album overall. People haven't really seen it because we've been trying to keep things under wraps until the release. You've been following us long enough to know the history of the band. We're on line up number four now. Despite all of the changes it just keeps going. People come on board and people leave. People have lives and things like that. You've got people who are getting married and people who just plain move on. For this record, it took a lot t

Dali Van Gogh Release New Single and Music Video: East Coast Witches

Haligonian hard rockers Dali Van Gogh have dropped their latest single, “East Coast Witches”, with a fiery new music video directed by Andrew Hartlen. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hot off a sold out, Q104 presented release show at Garrison Brewing, Dali Van Gogh have released the latest single from their new album, Under Her Spell; East Coast witches is a tongue in cheek satire of Atlantic Canada's club culture, fuelled by a Hendrix inspired, talk-box driven guitar riff by Isaac Kent. “We debuted the song at the Marquee Ballroom over a year ago [Oct 7th, 2017],” Says Kent, “and since then it has been a fan favourite in our set. It's always a blast to watch everyone sing and dance along to the t

Dali Van Gogh Win Artist Of The Month Competition on

MARCH 30 2019 - You voted, the polls have closed and the winner of the 94th ROCKWIRED ARTIST OF THE MONTH title is DALI VAN GOGH on the strength of their new album UNDER HER SPELL. In all the years that we've known DALI VAN GOGH, we could always rely on the Nova Scotia-based band to deliver a rocking good time with every successive release, but with their latest album UNDER HER SPELL, they really mean it... Now with their new release UNDER HER SPELL, DALI VAN GOGH issue the very blistering hard rock that they have made their unmistakable trademark, but this time around, the band is more interested in serving up a good time with such tracks as the single, GET AWAY, SUPERMAN AND MacGYVER and


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