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A lone survivor, a mysterious stranger from times past, and a world full of dark secrets; The Testimony is the accounts of those who have come in contact with The Preacher, an enigmatic figure who's very presence alters the world around him. But who are the authors, and what happened to the world they live in? Read the novel along side Dali Van Gogh's song releases over the coming months to discover the truth. Missing pages will be added every Friday, with song releases every few months. Welcome to the Boneyard baby!



Dali Van Gogh Hires Drummer Johnny Moore, Preparing New Album

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Elmsdale native, Johnny Moore, has joined the ranks of Dali Van Gogh as their new Drummer, bringing with him over 10 years of performance and songwriting experience. No stranger to the stage, Johnny performed across Nova Scotia with past projects including Outlawed Beloved. “I'm happy to be a part of this legacy, and excited about what we as a band are about to create.” said Johnny on joining the band,. “It's badass, I cant wait!” “We're thrilled to have him”, said Isaac Kent on the newest edition to the band. “It's always unfortunate when line up changes take place. But life happens, people go through different things, and you have to move on. In this industry it's b

From Ashes Reviewed on Divide and Conquor

" The band gets going with “Grave Digger” which was an intense opener. It felt like a party right off the bat with celebratory “ooohs and aahhs” and a cutting verse that reminded me of Queens of the Stone Age. No matter what your thoughts are, it’s the kind of song that grabs your attention. " Full review at:

Lord Keep On Working - Free Download

It's giveaway time!!! We've got some really exciting news to announce soon. Meanwhile we wanted to say thank you to all our fans who've supported us over the last 2 years. You guys are amazing and we couldn't do this without you! As a special thank you, we are giving away a free download of Lord Keep On Working. This is the first song the band worked on as a group and one of the hardest songs to cut from the album. Free download at:


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