A lone survivor, a mysterious stranger from times past, and a world full of dark secrets; The Testimony is the accounts of those who have come in contact with The Preacher, an enigmatic figure who's very presence alters the world around him. But who are the authors, and what happened to the world they live in? Read the novel along side Dali Van Gogh's song releases over the coming months to discover the truth. Missing pages will be added every Friday, with song releases every few months. Welcome to the Boneyard baby!

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"God Help Me I Like It" Chosen As Theme for RockWired Magazine Podcast, Guitarist and Voca

"God Help Me I Like It", the first single off of Dali Van Gogh's new record From Ashes, has been selected as the theme song to RockWired Magazines new podcast "Rock Show". DVG members Isaac Kent and John Scotto have also made the magazine's 2017 top 20 lists for Guitarists and Front Men in active rock. RockWired Magazine ( is a well read, independent magazine, web-mag, podcaster, and radio show based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Editor in chief Brian Lush annually publishes a top 20 list of Guitarists, Frontmen/woman, Bassists, and Drummers in active rock music from around the world, and has featured guitarist Isaac Kent in previous years. "Both [John] Scotto and I are


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